Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mischief Managed

A new look will be coming shortly. I had a pretty eventful week/end full of roleplaying at the Mischief Managed sim with Alma Z, my Argentine-German child witch. I had a great time putting together her backstory, which references the post-WWII exodus of Nazi sympathizers to South America. The parallels between the history of the Wizarding World and our world is something that I draw from to roleplay realistic characters. JK Rowling used a lot of historical and mythological references in her books and for me, this makes the Harry Potter world a rich source for roleplay. It gives a roleplayer space to explore serious topics eugenics, discrimination, human cruelty, fascism, etc. from a child or teenager's perspective without getting too depressing heavy.

Alma's family were huge supporters of Gellert Grindelwald (her grandfather was one of the primary architects of Nuremgard--Grindelwald's wizarding prison) and fled after his defeat at the hands of Dumbledore. Her parents are elderly and there is a giant age gap between Alma's oldest brother (a Deatheater imprisoned in Azkaban) and Alma's little sister who is only 8. Her family holds extreme anti-Muggleborn views but has since resigned themselves to the idea that no Dark Wizard will be able to rollback the legal equality of Muggleborn and Halfblood wizards. Alma's story arc will be strongly influenced by how much things have changed since the defeat of Voldemort (she'll end up rejecting her parents' ideology). She's not a caricature of a Slytherin like many of the characters in the books. Yes Alma is entitled, ambitious, and judgemental. However, she's also friendly, clever, and creative. Think of a Kennedy.

Anyway, MM's a lot of fun and ya'll should join. :) Open sim every Monday. 

Yea, Alma's mum is kinda a giant bitch, err dark witch.

stylecards after cut...

Skin&Appliers - [Pink Fuel] - Elly Pure Chai w/ red brows & freckles
Extra Freckles - [Essences] - Freckles Type A
Eyes - [Crash Republic] - Melanie eyes dark brown
Hair - [D!va] - Lili Type A Garnet
Shirt - [Coco] - Bow Shirt Black
Coat&Skirt - [Fashionably Dead] - box coat & long tweed skirt
Shoes&Socks - [Beetlebones] - Leeke Doll shoes
Necklace - [Olive] - fox head necklace in copper
Brown Suitcase - [Color Me H.O.F.] - trunk vintage ~ gatcha!

Skin&Appliers -  [The Skinnery] - Sasha Bare Face Toffee (Plus Sasha makeup & blemishes.)
Eyes - [Crash Republic] - Rebel Eyes Brown SL Fashion Week
Hair - [Truth] - Sassy 2 Gingers

Shirt - [Coco] - Broadcloth Shirt white
Skirt - [Fashionably Dead] - long tweed skirt
Boots - [Ricielli] - Ianca Booties ~ instore hunt 15L!
Necklace - [Pure Poison] - Omega Warrior Necklace Limited Bazaar *sold out* 
Wand - [Fateplay] - Jenny wand (w/ Hogwarts uniform)
Peacock - [MishMash] - White Peacock "The Dazzle" 
Suitcase - [.click.] - world traveler (comes w/ pose) ~ gatcha!

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