Tuesday, August 27, 2013

and now for something completely different

A warm thank you to the folks at Finding SL Freebies for posting one of my looks on their feed. It inspired me to go on a few hunts myself and pick up a bunch of freebies and dollarbies. I'm trying to curb my spending in preparation for The Arcade in September so I'm going to stick to freebies until then. One of the coolest hunts I came across was the Homeless Awareness Hunt, which ends on September 15. Not only do they have a bunch of stores participating and a lot of high quality items, but it is also for a good cause. After the cut is a photo of me in my kid form at the landing area of the hunt headquarters. It's filled with information about mental health issues and homelessness in the USA. Go to the Mental Health Retreat to donate and find out more about how you can help.

the look;

Hair - [Truth] - Sassy 2 Gingers
Skin&Appliers - [Essences] - Whisper in Brown Sugar
Eyes - [Crash Republic] - Melanie eyes green
Moles - [Essences] - beauty marks
Brows - [The Skinnery] - pencil brows
Lips - [Pink Acid] - Collagen Lips Bright Pink 02
Nail Applier - [Blah] - Black Pointy set
Shape - my own

Top - [Rebel Gal] - Mischief Mesh Cropped Tank
Fur - [Bliss Couture] - Redsoledrea Mohair Bolero ~ 90% off *SALE*
Skirt - [InMonster] - Summer Skirt ~ groupgift  *FREE* 
Underskirt - [Faun] - Galina tucked skirt ~ The Black Fair 2013 (not mesh)
Shoes - [Amarelo Manga] - Pumps Christian Miss gold *rare*24 Event gatcha! Got it on the first try!

Necklace&Earrings - [Zibska] - Ninon
Septum - [Olive] - UhOh Nose Chain ring
Purse - [Ricielli] ~ instore hunt 15L!
Bracelet - [HANDverk] - Metal Cuff Winter is Coming  ~ groupgift  *FREE* 
& [Lassitude & Ennui] - Lion's paw torque bracelet rose gold Zodiac Leo
& [Le Primitif] - crown bracelet in rosegold

Picture & more info about the Homeless Awareness Hunt HQ...

As you can see the area is fairly large (it extends behind the buildings in the center). They debunk a few myths about the homeless, show you (to a certain extent) what homelessness can be like, and warn about how easy it is for a middle class family to become homeless. The hunt website is also chock-full of information about mental health issues.

I also recommend watching the documentary Lost Angels, which tells the story of Skid Row through interviews with homeless residents. If you don't volunteer currently, the movie deals with issues of health (both mental and physical), discrimination, and abuse within and towards the homeless community in Los Angeles. Furthermore it really serves to humanize homeless individuals that do suffer from mental health problems, undereducation, and disease. At the same time it highlights the hope within the Skid Row community and (IMO) presents the necessity of listening to homeless voices and the inclusion of formerly or currently homeless people in measures to combat homelessness.

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