Sunday, August 25, 2013

haters gonna hate

I finally caved and tried on the Essences Cho skin and boy do I love it! For some reason Essence's little doll faces look the most like my own IRL face. (Except with better skin waaaaahhh why pores & periods?) I picked up Essence's limited Cho skin from the 24 Event in Peche (now sold out) because it looks just so dewy. It's perfect; the makeup and existing moles are just so. My one minor gripe is that there were no appliers either included with the skin or at least sold at the Essences 24 Event stall. I tp'd over to the Essences store but it seems like the appliers for new colors like Peche are not yet sold separately. Buuuuut, you did hear me say new colors because the full release of the Cho skin is here! I'm demoing all the midtones to figure out which one I must have in my life.

I'm sure there's tons of amazing things available at the 24 but the LAG, my god the lag. The little bridges and excessive use of neon created an awful combination of lag + possibility of falling into the water. A girl even shouted a suggestion to get rid of the neon and someone (event staff maybe) asked her if she was having a good time, her response? "I wish I could. :(" On my own computer I just gave up and flew into the sky in my flying squirrel form to cam around. By the point I tried my boyfriend's souped up gaming computer I was so frustrated with the long load times that I tp'd away before seeing anything beyond womenswear and some poses. I don't see why they couldn't have kept areas other than landing point, signs, and fashion show/club areas minimalistic. I'm thinking about how the Hair Fair managed the chaos by using a very simple build, included clear obvious maps, and offered a prim seat to move people around the event. I think big event coordinators should plan for lag since not everyone has a new, powerful computer or most expensive internet plan. (Some of us live in countries where the fastest internet plan is not really all that fast.)

the look;

Hair -  [D!va] -  Mana Citrine 
Skin - [Essences] - Cho 24 in Peche Limited Edition ~ 24 Event *sold out*
Slink Appliers - [Alchemy] - Eladie Skin in pure ~ We <3 RP (close enough...)
Eyes - [Crash Republic] - Melanie eyes Pale light green
Moles - [Essences] - beauty marks
Nails - [Virtual Insanity] - Feline #1
Teeth - [Illmatic] - the perfect teeth vamp'd
Shape - my own

Lingerie - [syl] - venus bra & panties 
Shirt - [Ison] - Sheer layered shirt charcoal
Skirt - [NuDoLu] - Jupe de madame
Stockings - [?] - sorbet socks 
Boots - [Paperbag] - Back Away Silver Boot ~ The Black Fair 2013

Necklace - Necklace -  [MiWardrobe] - Tropicalia ~ *sold out*
Fur Stole - [Vive9 Ryvolter] - mink princess stole in deep purple Collabor88 *NEW*
Septum - [Olive] - UhOh Nose Chain ring
Cane+Pose - [Kirin Poses] - Burlesque ~ Collabor88 *NEW*

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