the blogger;

I'm not Coco Rocha the Model unfortunately. I'm just Cocoroacha Resident a.k.a. Coco. 

Global nomad, instagram slut, clotheshorse, politics geek, glorified party planner a.k.a exhibition coordinator, mixed media artist, and reformed party girl.

Joined SL for the fantasy roleplay but found my online shopping compulsion would find a disturbing new outlet.

Warning: I basically only use Flickr right now since I have no idea how the hell Plurk works.

Flickr: cocoroacha
SLX Connect: cocoroacha
pixel swag;

I run this blog because I love fashion. Now that I no longer have the freedom to dress however I want on a daily basis in my RL I live vicariously through PixelCoco. This blog is an ongoing catalogue of my own personal style evolution.

I hope you enjoy Pixel Swag and hopefully get some fun styling ideas/inspiration (or not, whatever). Feel free to contact me either here on in-world about (nearly) anything.


I might change color levels and fix up jagged arms/legs or gaps between Slink hands/feet and the body but for the purposes of this blog, photoshop is decorative rather than corrective. Clothing and accessories I show as is. If there's some funky mesh layering issue that isn't evident from the picture, I mention it.

x Coco

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