Friday, October 4, 2013

kowloon kool

As soon as I put together this outfit I knew the Kowloon sim was the place I needed to take pictures. The Chapter Four opened today and is worth checking out as per usual. I lucked out and got the perfect rare birdcage out of the gatcha on the first try. After spending too many Lindens at TCF, I headed over to the The Limitee, a brand new event with a slick urban theme. I like events that have a point of view and The Limitee is no exception. You can put together a coherent look from the designer selection at the event, but the individual products can also work with a wide variety of styles.

the look;

Hair - [Tableau Vivant] - Boccaccio Equinox
Skin&Appliers - [Al Vulo!] - Kumiko in Sunkissed ~ *n/a*
Eyes - [Ikon] - Ascension Eyes Sahara
Nail Appliers - [Flair
Moles - [Essences] - beauty marks
Eyelashes - [S@R] - Volume black
Tattoo - [White Widow] - Elysium
Shape - my own

Top - [H.O.F] - corset undershirt
Vest - [Poison] - Metal Vest Black
Skirt - [Tres Blah] - leather skirt
Socks - [The Pyramid] - Mickey Nylon ~ groupgift *FREE* 
Boots - [Ison] - Cult Riding Boots

Hat - [little bones] - Elle Bowler Grey
Septum - [Pekka] - nose swirl
E-cig - [Lethal] - E-Hookah Pen ~ The Limitee *NEW*
Necklace - [Bens Beauty] - Egyptian Necklace
Body chain - [Things] - Hip Shaker Libra
Keychain - [Auxiliary] - foxy tails
Birdcage - [Zenith] - decorative asian birdcage (rare) ~ The Chapter Four gatcha! *NEW*


Wow, Pixel Swag is now 3 months old! This has been a great learning experience in terms of styling, photography, and photoshop as well as a great stress relief in the past few months. I hope this blog will keep improving and I'll continue meeting awesome SL folk.

If you haven't already, go check out the Avenue A/W Fashion Week. A lot of talented designers have put together runway and RTW looks for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. There are fashion shows all month. If you check out the schedule you can probably catch one. I watched bits of the XIAJ show yesterday (kept getting logged out). It was my first SL fashion show and a lot of fun. 

the look;

Hair - [monso] - my hair Yong
Skin&Appliers - [Glam Affair] - Katya in Jamaica
Eyes - [Crash Republic] - liquid eyes grey
Eyeliner - [UtopiaH] - black eyeliner & [Mons] - black eyeliner
Lipstick - [Modish] - Isha Lipstick
Moles - [Essences] - beauty marks
Eyelashes - [S@R] - Volume black
Slink Nail Appliers - [Flair]
Shape - my own

Sweater - [Lethal] - clarity cashmere sweater ~ Avenue A/W FW13
Skirt - [Dirtymind] - lynka skirt
Boots - [Leonard] - my autumn lace boots

Earrings - [The Plastik] - Spade earrings
Necklaces - [The Plastik] - Corda necklace set
Purse - [sixboi] - mustache bag ~ gift *FREE* 
Bracelet - [LaGyo] - savannah bangle

Sunday, September 29, 2013

peace pipe

I'm super excited that Avenue Fashion Week 2013 started today and I'm hoping to hijack the boy's computer to check it out. Here I am rocking more Designers United swag rather than the fall looks other events are showcasing. It's spring here in the southern hemisphere and PixelCoco is looking the part. Tangentially, I'm so over all the "cool" annoyance at the word "swag". I've been using it since the '90s when swagbags were a thing at elementary school birthday parties and I'm not giving up the word just because 15-year-olds are abusing it. Damn kids. Get off my lawn!

the look;

Hair - [Pesca] - bunny chignon terracotta ~ Designers United *NEW*
Skin&Appliers - [Al Vulo!] - Berry in sunkissed The Seasons Story *NEW*
Slink Nail Appliers - [Flair] - comes in a set of 2 nail designs ~ My Attic *NEW*
Eyes - [Crash Republic] - rebel eyes
Moles - [Essences] - beauty marks
Makeup - [The Skinnery] - Deer Makeup ~ groupgift  *FREE*
Eyelash - [Snow Rabbit] - volume eyelash black
Shape - my own

Dress - [The Secret Store] - E-Motion Dress Clouds ~ Designers United *NEW*
Boots - [Hucci]  - Bagani Suede Boots Collabor88 *NEW*

Necklace - [Leonard] - bird skull necklace vintage
Ring - [Swallow] - skully ring
Bracelet - [Le Primitif] - crown bracelet rosegold
Butterflies - [Ohmai!] - butterflies aplenty (comes w/ Frankie hair)
Backpack - [Fashionably Dead] - clear 90s backpack ~ The Arcade gatcha! *NEW*
Animals&animal mochis - [Ohmai!] - Mochi Bunny & Kitten ~ Designers United *NEW*

Thursday, September 26, 2013

the night is dark and full of terrors

This was one of those images I kept editing and finally had to stop because I was making things worse. Dark is just not my thing. Disculpáme, I promise the next post will be a lot prettier. Regardless, this has been one of my favorite outfits to run around the grid in to-date. First of all we have the little nod to Slytherin house in the most amazing belt ever from Faun. I used to have a similar belt IRL in gold that broke *sadface forever*.

Also, I will shower love and affection on anyone who can point me to a pair of RL boots like the Ison Cult Riding Boots. They are perfect.

the look;

Hair -  [D!va] -  Mana Citrine 
Skin&Appliers - [Al Vulo!] - Berry in Sunkissed The Seasons Story *NEW*
Eyes - [Crash Republic] - liquid eyes grey
Moles - [Essences] - beauty marks
Eyelashes - [S@R] - Volume black
Teeth- [Deetalez] - Teeth & tongue ~ Marquis Market *NEW event*
Shape - my own

Top - [Emery] - Safari Shirt Norbit Jalpur ~ My Attic *NEW*
Skirt - [syl] - Split Leather Skirt (not mesh)
Cape - [Milk Motion] - Wool Cape grey ~ Collabor88 *NEW*
Boots - [Ison] - Cult Riding Boots ~ Collabor88 *NEW*

Septum - [Olive] - UhOh Nose Chain ring
Necklace - [Dead Apples] - Antlers Chain yin&yang (rare) ~ The Arcade gatcha! *NEW*
Belt - [Faun] - Snake Charmer Waist piece
Bracelet - [LaGyo] - Valma Bracelet w/ coloring HUD ~ Collabor88 *NEW*

Sunday, September 22, 2013

applejacked up

My Attic opened yesterday and is featuring some of the most adorable items all for L$95. The theme is Flowers in the Attic a.k.a. the creepiest children's book (I'm sorry, "young adult novel") that I ever read. You should load up on Flair's Slink nail appliers since they come in 2-packs and work with any season. However, hands-down the best things there were the luxe items like the Steffen Garcia's Blair dress, which can also be worn separately as a top & skirt, and the Emery safari shirts which I'll be posting tomorrow.

In other news, I'm getting a new computer in 2-3 weeks! No more taking pictures on the bf's gaming computer, emailing them to myself, and photoshopping on the old macbook. Yaaaaay! Plus I'll be moving back to windows after my college obsession with minimalistic apple products. This means I'll be able to play computer games again! Yaaaaaayyyyy. (Might not be good for my productivity.)

the look;

Hair - [Tram] - A330 hair ~ groupgift  *FREE*
Skin&Appliers - [Al Vulo!] - Kumiko in Sunkissed ~ *n/a*
Eyes - [Ikon] - Perspective Eyes ~ The Boutique *NEW*
Nail Appliers - [Flair] - comes in a set of 2 nail designs ~ My Attic *NEW*
Moles - [Essences] - beauty marks
Shape - my own

Dress - [Steffen Garcia] - Blair top & bottom ~ My Attic *NEW*
Shoes - [Milk Motion] - Salome Sandals

Hat - [Elysium] - Louise hat w/ color Hud ~ L'accessoires *NEW*
Septum - [Olive] - UhOh Nose Chain ring
Glasses - [Le Primitif] - vintage hazel glasses (comes w/ sunglasses version) ~ My Attic *NEW*
Earrings - [O.M.E.N.] - #9 Parfum (comes w/ perfume bottle & ring) The Boutique *NEW*
Necklace - [LaGyo] - Valma necklace (color hud) Collabor88 *NEW*
Ring - [LaGyo] - Valma ring (color hud) Collabor88 *NEW*
Bracelet - [Noodles] - Fall into you charm Collabor88 *NEW*

Apple - [Poche] - let's play at the home of apple ~ Designers United *NEW*

Saturday, September 21, 2013

lost in space

So I finally learned how to use the pen tool to draw lines in photoshop today! You'd think after years of tooling around with the program I'd have figured it out before now. As you can tell by the super smooth shoulder on pixelcoco, the pen tool has made smoothing stuff out so much easier and significantly less frustrating.

In other news, Designers United is the best event ever. The theme is surrealism, which is really what SL's uncanny valley is all about. I loved everything and it was hard to stop myself from blowing out all my "fun" money for the month. (Hey, I want to go out to RL bars too!) The invisible hat I'm wearing is actually not invisible at all and will be shown more clearly in an upcoming post. It's available at L'accessories, which I'd recommend checking out if only to see the adorable new build for the event. 

Also, I'm about to TP over to SLink to get the updated version of their avatar enhancement hands & feet. You can read more about it at Strawberry Singh, but basically the updated version consolidates the tintable and applier-friendly hands/feet into one item. Plus, they have male hands available which means that I'll now look into playing around with male fashion. ;)

the look;

Hair - [Ohmai!] - Frankie
Eyes - [Mayfly] - Liquid Light Eyes in Midnight oil
Skin&Appliers - [Essences] - Cho in Peche ~ *50% Off SALE*
Moles - [Essences] - Beauty Marks ~ *50% Off SALE*
Tattoo - [UtopiaH] - abstract choking necklace
Eyebrow - [LaGyo] - Baroque Brow ~ The Arcade gatcha! *NEW*

Hat - [Elysium] - Louise hat w/ color Hud ~ L'accessoires *NEW*
Dress - [CIA Designs] - Barok Dress ~ Limited Bazaar *sold out but new round open*
Shoes - [HollyHood] - White Angel Boots
Leg tattoo - [Neo**] - puri puri swan The Seasons Story gatcha! *NEW*

Apples - [Tram] - Surrealism MY BRAIN (comes w/ dress) ~ Designers United *NEW*
Pipe - [Beetlebones] - bubble pipe ~ Designers United *NEW*
Mouse - [Ohmai!] - Mochi Mouse ~ Designers United *NEW*
Backpack - [BeetleBones] - Koi bag ~ Designers United *NEW*
Fish - [Picnic] - fish ~ Designers United *NEW*
Bracelet - [SYL] - Maxi Stud Bracelet Rosegold

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I'm loving September's Collabor88 and The Seasons Story a lot more than the Arcade for some reason. Too burnt out from gatchas I think; those things just cause way too much anxiety. It's like gambling at the slot machine, which as a nervous/paranoid person I love and fear in equal measures. Anyway, I'm just loving the beginning of fall because it means a lot more demure looks will be available. Plus this Bacchus-inspired hair from D!va and velvety-soft Al Vulo! Berry skin just put me into the fall-weather mood.

One negative about these Cashmere & Keane flatforms was that the alpha &/or foot shaper was a little wonky so I used the ones for my Monso oxfords instead. I guess if you own any other oxfords or low sneakers you can easily substitute out parts of this that don't work well. Honestly, I don't know if this is something that just happened to me or what. These were from Fi*Friday so at L$55 they were worth the jerry rigging. 

the look;

Hair - [D!va] - Kalli2 in Citrine The Seasons Story *NEW*
Skin&Appliers - [Al Vulo!] - Berry in Sunkissed The Seasons Story *NEW*
Eyes - [Crash Republic] - Melanie eyes green
Moles - [Essences] - beauty marks
Eyelashes - [S@R] - Volume black
Teeth- [PXL] - openmouth pro
Shape - my own

Top - [tres blah] - Short Sleeve Blouse ~ Collabor88 *NEW*
Pants - [B.C.C.] - Scarlett Pants The Seasons Story *NEW*
Shoes - [Cashmere&Keane] - Dread Platform

Septum - [Olive] - UhOh Nose Chain ring
Necklace - [Olive] - the Fox Head necklace
Bracelets - [SYL] - Maxi-Stud Bracelet ~ Fi*Fridays
& [trs] - spiked bow cuff silver (rare) ~ gatcha!
& [LaGyo] - Axila bracelet type B
Rings - [Swallow] - Skully ring ~ The Dressing Room Fusion
& [O.M.E.N.] - Ring of Fire
Clutch - [LaGyo] - Baroque Clutch silver ~ The Arcade gatcha! *NEW*
Polaroid Camera - [u.f.o.] - pori polaroid camera The Seasons Story gatcha! *NEW*