Sunday, July 21, 2013

meet you by the lake

I realize I sort of phoned in my introduction to my newest skin and I do apologize for that. Therefore I brought out all the styling bells and whistles this time. As you can see, I've fixed Lil' C's lips so she looks a little better in this skin. Continuing my coverage of the Hair Fair, I've mixed and matched with some MUST BUYS if you're at all into cute avatars. The straw kitty hat comes with a hairdo I'll be stylin' tomorrow. This hat epitomizes all that is great with SL fashion--you would never be able to buy or pull it off IRL, but this twist on a classic boater will become your goto summer accessory. The braids by Ohmai are a solid 'do even without the butterflies if you like braids (which I do).

The outfit itself is a little muted in color to balance out the excessive cuteness of my accessories. I love cute things, but not absurdly cute things. In high school I was a full on Elegant Gothic Lolita and was really into Decora for a bit as well. I like to attribute those phases to effectively inoculating me against kawaii-ness in my adult life.

the look;
Hat - [Fashionably Dead] - Luna hat (comes w/ hair) ~ Hair Fair
Hair - [Ohmai] - Frankie blonde pack~ Hair Fair
Skin - [the sugar garden] - Kotoko B tone
Eyes - [Ikon] - Ascension Eyes Moor (L)
Teeth - [PXL] - openmouth pro
Shirt - [TSC] - Off shoulder tee Baphy dye
Shorts - [] - piki piki shorts in red Collabor88
Knee Blush - [Sugar Heart] - big knee blush tintable
Shoes - [Fashionably Dead] - white jellies ~22 colors for 100L! Aaaamazing deal.

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