Saturday, July 6, 2013


Today I went to the D!va store and picked up about a kajillion new hairstyles for free. D!va had been first on the list of stores from Collabor88 that I had been meaning to visit. They have this great system of changeable hairstyles that come in 2 versions of bangs that you can choose from. From there, most hairstyles are customizable with removable hair accessories, updo/down, ponytail/bun, and more/fewer braids. All instructions come in Japanese and English so I'm assuming that the designer is Japanese. Everything's super well made/beautiful and there's something for everyone (whether you're a kawaii doll or a grown-ass woman who loathes cutesy stuff).

I also encountered this adorable Alice in Wonderland type door that took me to yet another freebie hairstyle. (The hairstyle on Baby C here was not free, but was my first introduction to the amazingness that is D!va.)

the look; If Collabor88's next cycle has begun, the items should be available in their respective stores.
Skin - [Pink Fuel] - Elly Pure Chai w/ light brows & freckles
Extra Freckles - [Essences] - Freckles Type A ~ Cosmetic Fair 2013
Eyes - [Dead Apples] - Thunder Eyes Clown ~ The Arcade
Hair - [D!va] - Lili Type A Garnet ~ Collabor88
Bindi - [Nylon Outfitters] - Bindi Blue ~ Collabor88
Lips - [Pink Fuel] - Elly Doll Gloss + Teeth in Blush
Top - [] - shoulder puripuri blouse mint ~ Collabor88
Skirt - [] - wave cutting denim skirt - grey (thunder) ~ Collabor88
Leggings - [Nylon Outfitters] - Tie Dye Garter Tights ~ Collabor88
Shoes - [Redgrave] - Liquid Rider Boots in Black (buy in marketplace for discounted fatpack)
Ring - [tea.s] - Kitty Ring ~  Fist Pump w/ the Best 3 hunt. FREE!
Glasses - [Olive] - The Oops Cherry Blossom Necklace - The Dustys

The area around the D!va store is a very picturesque village and I had a lot of fun taking pictures. There was also a small store selling KittyCats, which was pretty cute as well.

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