Saturday, July 13, 2013

cold sweat

Odd weather is the best to dress for because it gives some justification for things like wearing a scarf/hat/jacket with bare legs. As the temperature has no effect on what you can and cannot do in a virtual world, transitional dressing is always acceptable. 

Funny story--I wore this outfit while looking at the We <3 RP fair and someone went "ew, that girl is so ugly" before beginning a mean-spirited conversation about this following outfit/my avatar's looks. I got a good laugh out of it when I told my boyfriend because a) I look nothing like my SL avatars and b) this specific avatar is objectively attractive. I do feel that the comment did capture a strange and unpleasant entitlement--that a female body whether real or virtual is up for the judgement of perfect strangers. Another corollary of this is that no woman is "too pretty" to be called "ugly" by someone, somewhere. (There was a helluva lot of awesome stuff at that fair and I'm going back to buy some things regardless of people say haha.)

I like this outfit and shape/skin combo even more now after that weird encounter so expect to see a lot more of her. (☆^ー^☆)

the look;
Skin - [The Skinnery] - Sasha Bare Face Toffee (Plus Sasha blush & Sasha Freckles & Moles.)
Eyes - [Ikon] - Ascension Eyes Sahara (L) ~ Free!♡ VIP group gift (free to join)
Makeup - [Pink Acid] - Nude Pink Catherine Full face makeup ~ Dark Katz Hunt so FREE!
Hair - [D!va] - Akane "Topaz" center part ~ groupgift so FREE!
Coat -  [Q] - camo leather sleeved coat ~ marketplace only
Shirt - [House of Fox] - black corset undershirt
Shorts - [Ricielli] - high waist cutoff shorts jean ~ only 15L in the in-store hunt!♡ 
Necklace (long) - [glow] - studio boom! necklace
Necklace (heart) - [Olive] - the heart is a fit pump ~ Fist Pump w/ the Best 3 hunt. FREE!
Sunglasses - [glow] - studio Stefania shades
Ring - [tea.s] - Kitty Ring ~ Fist Pump w/ the Best 3 hunt. FREE!
Shoes - [whatever] - CG spikes ~ SL fashion week group gift or FREE!
Tattoo - [Q] - vintage hearts ~ marketplace only

Also IDK if you can tell, but I got the Slink applicator hands and could NOT be happier with how much better my avatar looks. Those original hands were so odd looking in photos.

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