Thursday, July 4, 2013

extravaganza americana

The 4th of July is my third favorite holiday because of the emphasis on food; think about all the BBQ and flag cake (white cake with strawberries and blueberries on top)! Unfortunately for me I get to spend this 4th alone in a hotel room away from friends and fun. In my forever-alone Independence day, I decided to make a modern day Statue of Liberty and go traipsing around Second Life. (I did eat blueberries by the fistful this morning, but alas, no flag cake.) 

I participated in a few hunts (didn't finish any of them) to add some more items to my growing inventory. Spent enough on SL for awhile, but now I have a good collection of weird things to keep me entertained. Hitting up the SL officially recommended destinations turned out to be a good call as I found awesome art spaces (Lumeria and Suntory Time) and a futuristic Los Angeles-type place (NekoZone Central) reminding me of home. :)

the look;
Skin - [The Skinnery] - Sasha Bare Face Toffee (Plus Sasha blush & Sasha Freckles & Moles.)
Eyes - [Ikon] - Ascension Eyes Sahara (L) ~ Free!♡ VIP group gift (free to join)
Hair - [Analog Dog] - Wound Up Egg ~ FREE!♡ click on freebie bubbles
Tattoo - [Q] - vintage hearts ~ marketplace only.
Dress - [Zibska] - Americana ~ FREE!
Tights - [Q] -pistol tights ~ marketplace only
Shoes - [Monso] - My Studded Oxford Silver
Necklace - [Zibska] - Aliss Necklace in Gold & Diamond ~ 60L section!
Halo - [Plastik] - Madre Halo 6

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