Wednesday, July 3, 2013

demonic reviere

If you've never been to World's End Garden, GO NOW. It can be super confusing, but remember that doors are put in place for a reason! I played around with wind/light settings when I was there, but the natural settings of the Garden are beautiful. There are also tons of super high quality freebies there so that's a bonus. I did buy a cute summer dress in order to put in my support for the creator(s?).

What's the point of Second Life if you don't take advantage of the endless ways to customize "yourself"? Thus far in my adventure I can't see myself becoming too attached to one shape/skin or another. Plus I haven't made any avatars that look like myself IRL or even how I want to look (which is like myself but maybe with greener eyes and sliiightly larger breasticles). 

the look;
Skin - [The Skinnery] - Poppi Love Bites in Champagne ~ The Arcade (now takes you to a country club)
Freckles - [The Skinnery] - Full Body Freckles ~ Summerfest '13 (now takes you to Floorplan store)
Lips - [The Sugar Garden] - Too Hot Lip Laquer ~ Cosmetic Fair Summer Edition (Mons store now)
Eyes - [Dead Apples] - Thunder Eyes in Clown ~ The Arcade
Hair - [Wasabi Pills] - Lori Ash (rare! ) ~ The Arcade
Antlers - [Half Deer] - Heretic Fawn Antlers - gatcha
Lingerie - [Beusy] - Burlesque ~ SL Fashion Week (new cycle now)
Top - [Plastik] - Bare Industry Lace
Fur - [Color Me H.O.F] - Black Anja Fur Shoulders ~ FREE! Group gift.
Pants - [NYU] - Napa Leather Pants in Maroon - faMESHed (Get in store.)
Shoes - [Little Bones] Gunmetal Maidens 
Ring - [tea.s] - Kitty Ring ~ you can barely see it but it's amazing and part of the Fist Pump w/ the Best 3 hunt. So obviously FREE!

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