Monday, July 1, 2013

boy's toys

In my 1st post ever, I've put together a little something that sums up why as a total Second Life newbie, I have the audacity to make a blog about SL fashions. In the past 2 weeks I've become rapidly obsessed with Second Life due to the "dressing up Barbie" aspect of the world. For a clothes-hoarder attempting to cut back, SL is a great way to indulge my shopaholism on the cheap and experiment with a whole range of looks. In a way this blog is more about keeping a personal record of the different styles I experiment with.

Here's the preteen shape I've made, let's call her Baby C, that has ended up being my default av. I went for a super trendy mermaid tomboy look (haha) using a men's shirt to keep her flat-chested. (Women's clothes with no or little boob shading/shape apparently don't exist in SL.) Unfortunately both the shirt and the vest were non-mod so the back looks terrible. I do wear the shirt alone even though it makes me look like a little dude with long hair. 

the look;
Skin - [Pink Fuel] - Elly Pure Chai w/ light brows & freckles
Extra Freckles - [Essences] - Freckles Type A ~ Cosmetic Fair 2013
Eyes - [Dead Apples] - Thunder Eyes Clown ~ The Arcade
Bindi - [Nylon Outfitters] - Bindi Blue ~ Collabor88
Lips - [Pink Fuel] - Elly Doll Gloss + Teeth in Blush
Hair - [Exile] - Hold On Loosely Wild Fusion 2 ~ faMESHed
Vest - [Poison] - Metal Vest Black
Shirt - [Loyal Phrince] ~ Suden Baracco ~ Old Europe's Summerfest
Leggings - [Q] - black leggings (marketplace only)
Shoes - [Redgrave] - Liquid Rider Boots in Black (buy in marketplace for discounted fatpack)

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