Tuesday, August 13, 2013

dare to bare + inventory meme

Although today was Topless Tuesday, I didn't walk around the grid topless as I was 99.99% committed to finishing up the Taste the Rainbow Hunt. I ended up getting totally frustrated and derendering everything in 2 of the stores and I'm still missing the item from WetCat and item 3/3 at Aisling. (Help an ADHD sufferer out and post some tips! D:)

I'm doing my first ever Strawberry Singh Monday Meme/challenge. I've seen them come up again and again on people's blogs so when I saw this non-threatening short survey on Strawberry Singh's blog yesterday I thought what an excellent opportunity to ease into the weekly challenges.  

  • What is your current inventory number? – 7,804
  • If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – SKINS FOLDER. But if I really had to choose I'd probably go with this shape.
  • What is the last thing you purchased? – Illmatic Medusa Kors watch from The Black Fair
  • Which item do you wear most often? – Casual Slink Avatar Enhancement hands! They're the only thing I take with me from shape to shape.
  • When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? (NO LYING!) – 0... I did searches for vagina and vulva as well but still no dice. My SL self is a lot tamer than my RL self apparently. I'm even too scared to wander around the Grid nakies because omg stranger danger someone might judge my nudity while I'm at home in my PJs minding my own damn business goddamnit! I compartmentalize the "outside world/self" (fashionable, outgoing, probably obnoxious) away from my antisocial at-home "private self" to such a ridiculous extent. Like I even get paranoid that people *know* when I look at their Facebook profiles so I never look at people's walls by myself (unless we're good friends IRL). Am I the only one that's more awkward in SL/online than RL? But yea, back to SL penii; I'm open to getting some cute penis plushies. Do those exist? Like a kawaii huggable one the size of a pillow?

  • EDIT: Removed my naked full frontal b/c I decided to move this blog firmly into SFW territory.
    Red Mint hair, Essences Whisper Brown Sugar skin+Slink&Lola appliers, whatever thong, and everything else from The Black Fair (MONS makeup, Blah nail appliers, free Skinnery toenail appliers, and UtopiaH tattoo.


    1. OMG I would SO get a penis plushie, there would be a HUGE market for this, lol. Really glad you can join the meme parade! <3

      1. Ahahaha, I need to learn mesh and make some!