Saturday, September 14, 2013

chilling x2

I've been bumming around since Friday since there's a nice lull in work after the horror of this past week. Here's my SL self also being a bit of a bum around the house after a long day of hunting/fighting with the lag at the Arcade. I'm almost done with the Candy Girl and Cupcakes Anonymous hunts. I'm totally finished with Alice in Boobieland and the Pure Perfection store hunt. 

Being bored and nosy, I cammed inside my neighbor's skybox to find an intense BDSM sex palace. I showed the boy and he teased me about playing x-rated sims. u___u After that, I decided to move my own skybox higher because I know that I won't be able to resist the urge to spy if I'm so close by. Being in a committed RL relationship means that there's a whole large part of SL I've remained pretty insulated from/but am still curious about.

the look;

Hair - [Fashionably Dead] - Luna hair
Skin&Appliers - [Glam Affair] - Katya Jamaica 03 
Eyes - [Crash Republic] - Rebel Eyes Brown
Moles - [Essences] - beauty marks
Nail Applier - [Virtual Insanity] - Grunge #2

Lingerie - [Invader] - Classified
Top - [Le Primitif] - Fishtail Blouse ~ The Chapter Four (2 for 1)
Sweats - [Villena] - jogging pants camo
Shoes - [Lunaricon] - Happy Duck Slippers ~ Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt L$5

Eyemask - [NS Cute] - Kawaii Sleep Mask ~ groupgift  *FREE* comes w/ HUD & 6 options
Septum - [Olive] - UhOh Nose Chain ring
Raccoons - [MishMash] - My Cute Raccoon
Samsung Galaxy - [Pure Perfection] - Sexy Nerd Outfit Android Phone ~ instore hunt L$5
Rings - [tea.s] - Kitty Ring ~ FPWTB hunt | [O.M.E.N.] - Ring of Shine & Ring of Unity
Watch&Bracelet set - [Faun] - Cartiea Assorted Mix 4
Bracelets - [Lassitude & Ennui] - Lion's paw torque bracelet rose gold Zodiac Leo
& [O.M.E.N.] - cube bracelet ~ SL Fashion Week
& [LaGyo] - Axila Bange Type A
& [HANDverk] - Metal Cuff Winter is Coming  ~ groupgift  *FREE* 

Sofa - [Hucci] - Studio Couch Mykonos Blue ~ The Arcade gatcha!
Lamp - [Half Deer] - Shooting Star Lamp Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt L$5

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